Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rise from the Grave

Hello there...

Long time since last time hanging out in this website. Well, you know, a lot of things happened since then. After 3.5 years, let's recall what have happened since January 2008.

First, I've changed the company 3 times already (and gonna be 4 times in few more days :D). This is the implementation of the post another way in another day. Second, post about lift burden of others even with beautiful pain is partly achieved. Third, still single and desperate hahaha...

Well, let's start rolling back for a while to prepare jumping further forward and to climb mountain of achievements.

[sunday, June 26th, 2011)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Beginning of 2008

Dear all...

Long time not see...Honestly for last December, I was kinda busy with thing in office that almost drain my energy from my small body. So I couldn't give any attention for this Blog, and suddenly here come year 2008.

Wish u all many great success and have great and joyful life.


[Thursday, Jan3rd, 2008]

Monday, November 26, 2007

Another Way

Early July 2007 I attended the workshop with DGPT regarding frequencies for networks we built and managed. I supposed this is a kind of “bribe” my Boss offered me due to my contract extension disappointment. He called me after workshop and I answered, “yeah, this workshop is good enough to fill my days”. Suddenly he mad and yelled at me, “Why are you complaining too much?”

Lately I knew he also had the same problem due to his transfer to Indonesia, and he did his most for us the new staffs under his lead. I started to change my attitude since then, changed my way of expressing opinions to others, learning and accepting my role in new organization of TNP. Thanks to God, I still have his trust until now.

Last Wednesday, due to many WOs approval me and Lonce took care, also due to our workload that day, he took us both down for coffee. There we talked lots about merger issues and its effects. He started it…!!!

“You remember that person move from here last year? After merger he became under me again and about to be permanent employee? Come guys, I know your workload and you must be mad looking at others benefit compare to yours. But look, there a not such fairness in work. That person just gets lucky since he is in the right time for right opportunity. For you at least you can be sure that there will be a job for another three years with this expansion.”

“Don’t always look at the money coz I’m loosing more money in these three months than your monthly salary. Maybe you can move to other company and find a better salary. This is another way for you to rapidly increasing your rate and your career. You need to remember that company can buy competence everywhere, but they look more in personality whether you can be a right person for permanent position or not. Here more complicated now day compare to before merger.”

Many thanks Boss for your honesty and your trust on us to share these all. I believe that if it not here, than I have to look elsewhere to be a right person in the right time for a right job. There will be always another way; even we can change our destiny if we work hard for it. Meanwhile, I love to work with you and will learn more from you. But I’m still looking for that another way…in another day…


[Sunday, November 25th, 2007]


Last week can be said the hardest week so far after my return from annual leave. I already started leaving the office late after everybody else leaving.

Upgrading capacity for route Bandung-Cirebon took most of my time. A piece of cake task actually, but since this is changing equipments activities and configuration of installed equipments are not as it were planned, it make me confuse a lots. I can’t trust the data from implementation team coz in some cases it is different with frequency scanning. So I have to look the actual data from Netviewer and compare it one by one with both data from implementation team and frequency scanning results. Well, in the end I finish these activities in two days.

Then I turned my attention to completely wasted task came Voldemort. He asked this a week ago already, but I kept delay it with reason capacity upgrade is more important. Why it’s such a wasted task??? I do believe my Boss info that he’s trying his ways out to be extended in this project, and one of his ways is by providing many scenarios for Backbone traffic but in the end we don’t know which one is to be used. Anyway why he was so intent to this project if that he is going to leave at beginning of December? Finally I finish planning Ring Protection for Backbone starting from Medan to Jakarta and from Denpasar to Kediri in last minute before I left office last Friday. In total there are 86 links and most of them passing over the mountainous area so I need to be very cautious about road access. To be safe, I put my initial and my Boss’s approval for this design so that Voldemort won’t be able to claim the result was coming from his side. Hahaha….

Is that all…??? Nope, the process of moving planning team from NPA to MSA caused me and some other friends take more duties to do. WO approval (thanks God finally I was allowed to be taken out) that sending me almost 80 emails per day and most of them not related with transmission, taking care of for problem in access network in all region (after a month there are lot of people not aware that I’m part of MSA now so I didn’t get noticed in sometime hahaha…), even planning for MGW Menado was delegated to me. Each of them small task actually and I’m more than capable for those tasks, but these whole things can drive the jealousy inside me. Jealous for my SoW and benefits that are nothing compare to others.

This is not complains, but a way to express my thoughts for the things I believe unfair. My Boss said that there is not such a “fair” thing in work environments, there are only right timing and right opportunity. It is our duty to make our self available as a right person in right time for the right opportunity.

Hahaha…I guess I have to remove TNP MW Backbone Planner and change it to TNP Handyman Planner in my email’s signature. Hahaha….

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[Sunday, November 25th, 2007]

Monday, November 19, 2007


“Selamat Datang Putra-Putri Terbaik Bangsa”

Eight years ago, I found those words were written in front of the gate of ITB, “Gerbang Ganesha”. After reception ceremony in Sabuga Hall, new students were taken to campus through Gerbang Ganesha by committee lead by KM ITB. I guess everyone saw and read those words.

Last Saturday, I came to PLN office for IA-ITB election. Guess what I found…??? Yep…I found those words again, only this time without word “Bangsa”.

Sound arrogant? Yep…!!! Indeed when I was at first grade in ITB, I heard so many people among the students who attacked those words. Many believe, including me, that it was inappropriate to use those words as a welcome theme for new students. There are a lot of people with great talents who didn’t make ITB as their first choice, so why in the hell we say those words…???

Opposite to what I believe during college time, I used to say “Probably I’m one of those people with the best talent you ever met” during interview for job. I’ll tell you this, most of HR will impress with this words. They impressed at self belief and high esteem we had in our character. Of course it could be that some people think that we are bluffing, so you must be sure you have something unique and special that you can offer to company you applied for.

What’s wrong about being arrogant? How can you sell your special and unique things if you don’t ever dare to speak…??? How people will listen to your presentation about your self if there’s nothing special in your words…??? It is nothing wrong about being arrogant. It is about self esteem, self belief and not about attacking the others.

But watch out…!!! Don’t cover your disabilities by being arrogant. Time will tell what you hide inside.


[Sunday, November 18, 2007]

Monday, November 12, 2007

Di balik Sedikit Kekurangan, Tuhan Memberikan Kita Banyak Kelebihan*

Last night I watched three Wishes show in TV. There was one wish by a 13yrs old girl that very touching for those watching it. She has disability in her brain that caused him unable to walk properly, indeed the medical staffs who treated her said that she’s completely unable to walk. But with intensive training and great passion, now she’s able to walk by using helping tool (apa yaa English-nya tongkat buat bantu orang jalan?).

Her favorite are books, especially about horses. She love cartoon movie called “spirit”, the story (and the horse it self) inspired her. Despite her disability, she has an amazing dream for her community; a LIBRARY. So far she already has around 6000 books donated by people. INCREDIBLE…!!!

When she was interviewed by the host, she said that she don’t know where to put the books for the large number of it. She would be very happy if there is a library in his hometown so that every child can read there. It’s her dream to be useful for the community. Woww…what a dream…!!! Not for her own interest, but for her community good.

U know what, not only a library. But also a horse becomes hers. Later on she said, “The horse is the wish that I wouldn’t dare to say”. Oow…what a touching moment.


Maybe lots of us complain too much on how something not run in the way we wanted. Complain that we don’t have this stuff, don’t have that stuff, lack in this area, lack in that area and many other complains. All we do is blame the others for our incompetence, and maybe blame God for our life.

There is no such a perfect person. U know that even the person who run the most powerful country in the world has dyslexia? (betul ga gini tulisannya utk orang yg suka kebolik-balik kalo ngucapin kata2?, taunya seh dia sering2 salah ngucap kata kl lagi pidato di senat, trus juga pas konferensi APEC dia salah ngucapin jadi OPEC lebih dari sekali :D).

It is all up to us how to see the life. There is something beyond our strengths, beyond our knowledge, beyond our imaginations and beyond our logic thinking. Something that has decided what kind of life we live for. He had given has all the things we need and given us the freedom to use it or not. Don’t always look at our disabilities, what pay close attention on what potential we have and use it to earn a better life for our self, our family and our community.

Look inside your self, find your potential, use it to build your strength and live the life that beneficial for others. Don’t go back coz of your disabilities, that little girl has thought me a little more about life.



[The title is taken from the word of a close friend of mine, who once had assisted me to learn what the life is for 2.5 years]

Sunday, November 11, 2007.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Destiny to Lift the Burden of Others, Do it Even with Beautiful Pain.

For those who ever listened to “Amazing” by Aerosmith, I bet u must know this phrase

“Life is a Journey, not a Destination”

Me myself, I don’t know exactly what is the difference between those two words. Maybe I have to ask my sister who studied English, but I guess I’m too proud of my self that I won’t let her know that I don’t understand difference between those two words :)

From my understanding, destination means that certain place or purpose to where we are heading for. Saying so, it’s mean that a scenario is already set up from the beginning so we just live to go through it. While in the other hand I used to know the word Journey as trip to certain place but no scenario has been set up. We must find our own way how start, what mission to be accomplished, what is to needed to prepare, learn all the way along the journey until we finish that journey it self.

I said that Destination is part of Journey and we live in this world as a journey by having certain destination.

This is my journey and (what is) my destination (?)

As I was a kid I used to imagine that when I turn to a grown up person, I will become a very powerful person many people fate are depend on the moves and decisions I make. Not to brag my self, but a close friend of mine once said this to me, “You have destiny to lift the other’s burden, do it even with the beautiful pain”.

Humiliated by fact that my sister (who started studying at college two years after me) had graduated from Medical faculty, I put all the strength that still left in me, took all the anger and humiliation and started to run (sprint indeed) finishing the college just not to get more humiliated. And when I made graduation from college, it came to my head; why should I care about the others…???


October 2006, I made my way home in Aceh for the first time after five years and 2.5 years not ever seen any member of my family. Also on October 2007 I made my trip back to home. During my last visit to Aceh, thanks to security status that are more secure now, I made so many visits to the I used to went to when I was a kid. I went to fishermen village area, farm village area (include my village) and hilly area where people live their life from the forest in the mountain near their villages.

There are the Answers…!!!

Completely like Heaven and Hell. That’s comparison between the life I live here in Jakarta and the life people live there. I spent almost 400k a month for cigarette, but there people will complain just for 100 increase in price of one kilo rice. Truly, my heart are touched and almost cried for the facts I found in Aceh.

How can I abandon and left the facts of my people behind the glamour life (even me my self live the life in ordinary wayJ) here in Jakarta. Not…!!! That completely not me…!!!

I will do something for them, if I cannot than I will do something just for my relatives, and if this still too much for me, certainly I will do everything for my family. I will live this Journey and find my own missions and my own destiny, and lifting other’s burden is just one of many missions that I need to accomplish.




[In Junior School once I said to my self; dedete is the chosen one…!]

November 8, 2007